Words of Hope

Close up of the Reconciliation Pole at UBC. Photo credit: Jeremy Board “Reconciliation pole-49” link

  ÍY SC̸ÁĆEL. ÍY, C̸NES QENOṈE ṮÁ. These were the words spoken in the Legislative Assembly by Lieutenant-Governor Janet Austen this past March. They mean, “Good day. It’s good to see you all,” in SENĆOŦEN – the language of the W̱SÁNEĆ peoples. I find it inspiring that the LG is advancing reconciliation by learning one […]

Standing up for our coast

standing up for our coast

B.C.’s beautiful coast has long been a part of our community identity, an economic driver, and an international tourist destination. Ten of thousands of jobs rely on this space being clean and well protected. As a Burnaby resident, I share in the community’s concern over another spill. Many will remember that in 2007, there was […]

CleanBC Supports Affordable, Lower-Carbon Living

CleanBC Supports Affordable, Lower-Carbon Living

On Bowen Road in Nanaimo, there’s a building complex that doesn’t look quite like anything else around it: Nuutsumuut Lelum, a new joint housing project from the Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre and BC Housing, is cedar-sided and built to an internationally recognized ultra-efficient energy use standard called “Passive House”. It’s a new home to 25 Indigenous […]

Tackling B.C.’s housing crisis means building a diverse housing stock

To those who have been demanding government action, help is finally on the way For many years, British Columbians have felt the pressure of a ballooning housing crisis. More and more families were making impossible choices between their housing cost and buying groceries. The market for middle-income families got smaller and smaller as speculators were […]

Improving opportunities for former children and youth in care

This month, young people across B.C. went back to college and university for the spring semester. It’s an exciting time as young adults see new experiences and new opportunities. I’m sure we can all remember thinking about all the things we could be when we grew up. Our families would nurture and support our curiosities […]